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Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal in Greensboro & High Point NC

High Point Experts in ELECTROLYSIS Remove Hair Permanently, Safely

Trudy Brown has beautiful, lustrous, brunette hair, and you may be certain she wants to keep every strand. Unwanted hair has long since been removed–permanently.

“When I was a youngster, I had a mustache that was the source of a lot of teasing from my schoolmates,” she recalls. “I felt like an oddity in the world. It turns out I had a thyroid condition, and at 15 half of my thyroid was removed. It actually had caused excess hair growth on my arms and face. And it made me very sensitive to the issue of excessive, unwanted hair.”

We use a new pre-sterilized probe and a new pair of disposable gloves for each treatment. We offer a variety of probes such as the gold hyperallegnic and the insulated probe depending on the type of skin we are treating.

That early experience with a physical problem that had (to her) unpleasant visible consequences led Trudy Brown to a remarkable career as an internationally known electrologist and a leader in moving the profession to higher standards. She was, for example, in the forefront of bringing licensing of electrologists to North Carolina.

As a speaker on the electrolysis circuit she traveled to numerous states and two foreign countries sharing her knowledge and experience with her colleagues, and often presenting hands-on workshops. Ms. Brown has been interviewed and quoted by various national magazines such as Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Family Circle, providing information about electrolysis to the public.

After 23 years of practice, Trudy Brown is as enthused as ever about the remarkable possibilities inherent in the electrolysis process.

“Actually, there’s really not much we cannot do when it comes to permanent hair removal, because our techniques have improved with time,” she said. “It’s not unusual to work with a client, from head to toe. A woman may come in and we’ll do 15 minutes on her eyebrows, 15 minutes on her chin, 30 minutes on her arms or underarms and another 30 minutes on the bikini line–somewhat of a marathon session. We also do a lot of shaping of beards for men, and removal of body hair for body builders.”

<b>Electrolysis: Techniques</b>

The term electrolysis, Ms. Brown explains, “is commonly used to mean permanent removal of hair. A fine probe is inserted alongside the hair into the hair follicle. A slight electrical current is applied through the probe which destroys the hair root. The hair releases and is removed with a sterile pair of tweezers. The skin is not harmed or punctured in any way, and for most people the entire procedure is less painful than tweezing. For the more sensitive client with a low pain level, we offer several topical anesthetics and our modern equipment has the new cool air system which makes the treatment more comfortable.”

Today there are three modalities (currents) used to permanently remove hair, Ms. Brown explained. “Advanced Electrolysis has kept abreast of the latest technology in the field. Our equipment is up-to-date and we are one of the few clinics that offer all three modalities: Thermolysis, Multiple-probe Galvanic, and the Blend. Since each person is different, this allows us to treat each individual according to their particular need. After each treatment we do a procedure called cataphoreses which closes the pores and smoothes the skin. It returns the PH balance of the skin and helps eliminate any redness.”

Working with Trudy Brown at Advanced Electrolysis & Laser Clinic are her daughter, Valerie Brown, who completed extensive training in California and earned her California license, Carol Roberts, and Barbara Hussey. All are licensed by the state of North Carolina and hold additional certification by the International Board of Electrolysis Certification.

They maintain a professional atmosphere and the highest standards of safety for their clients, with private individual treatment rooms and excellent sanitation and sterilization procedures. “We use a new pre-sterilized probe and a new pair of disposable gloves for each treatment. We offer a variety of probes such as the gold hyperallegnic and the insulated probe depending on the type of skin we are treating.” Ms. Brown said.

<b>Health Issues</b>

First step for a new client in the practice is a brief but thorough medical history. “If someone is diabetic, for example, or if they are taking medication that caused hair growth, we need to know that because it will affect the length of each treatment and the approach we will offer,” Valerie Brown pointed out.

Added her Mom, “It’s surprising how often unwanted hair offers early warning signs of a health problem. For a number of medical conditions–such as polycystic ovarian disease or thyroid disease–unusual hair growth is often the first sign of the problem. We’re trained to spot unusual hair growth quickly, and we refer these clients to physicians to have the condition checked out.”

Referrals come from physicians, as well. “We see clients referred by dermatologists, “Valerie Brown said. “For example, men who wear shirts and ties everyday sometimes get ingrown hairs in their neck that get infected. The dermatologist treats the infection, and we remove the hair.” They also work with plastic surgeons and other health professionals to solve unwanted hair problems.

If you have considered electrolysis to accomplish your hair removal goals, it’s nice to know that High Point boasts the people, training and facilities second to none in the country.