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Laser Hair Removal in Greensboro & High Point NC

Permanent Hair Removal for All Skin Types

Advanced Electrolysis and Laser Clinic Specializes in Permanent Hair Removal for All Skin Types

Trudy Brown, owner and president of Advanced Electrolysis and Laser Clinic, knows what a difference removal of unwanted hair can make in a person’s life. The nationally known specialist decided to become an expert in the science of permanent hair removal because she once had an unwanted hair problem herself. “Hair removal did so much for me,” Brown said. “I wanted to do the same for others.”

Brown said that it’s important for her clinics to be equipped with both laser and electrolysis capabilities, because the technologies remove hair in different ways.

Brown has 30 years of experience as an electrologist and is well known for setting standards of uoteuality in her field. She has lectured on electrolysis throughout the country and been featured in such national magazines as McCalls, Redbook, Prevent and Self Magazine. Brown has stayed on top of changing technology. “Hair removal has never been safer or better, for the client and the technician,” she said.

Her clinic, which she operates along with her daughter, vice-president Valerie Brown, is unique not only because it specializes in hair removal, but because it offers both laser and electrolysis treatment ­ services that attract clients from all over North Carolina to her High Point office, she said. Because the High Point clinic has been so popular, Brown said she plans to open a second office in Greensboro on Battleground this fall.

Brown said that it’s important for her clinics to be equipped with both laser and electrolysis capabilities, because the technologies remove hair in different ways. Lasers work fast, but they target pigment ­ or color ­ in hair so when hair is gray or quite fair, then sometimes it cannot be treated effectively with a laser, because of the lack of pigment. That’s when electrolysis is useful.

“Sometimes people will need laser treatment, sometimes they need electrolysis and sometimes they need a combination of both,” Brown explained. “We can take care of the complete need.”

Electrolysis is also helpful for shaping smaller sections of hair, such as eyebrows. “Electrolysis goes hair by hair,” Brown explained. ” A laser treats many hairs at once.”

Both Brown and her daughter are International Board Certified Electrologists and have completed courses offered by accredited laser schools in two different states. In addition, they have attended advanced training courses offered by the Laser Institute of America and America Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine. “Continuing education is important,” said vice-president Valerie Brown. “We attend courses across the US on a regular basis to stay on top of our profession.”

In addition, Amy McMichael, M.D., the Medical Director of the clinic, has worked closely with Brown for eight years. Dr. McMichael is a member of the Women in Dermatology Association, the North American Hair Research Society and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Her interests include hair and scalp disorders as well as disorders of pigmentation..

Besides being able to treat different colors of hair, the Advanced Electrolysis and Laser Clinic is equipped with three kinds of laser and can treat different skin types ­ an important advantage. “If a laser for fair skin were applied to a person with darker skin that can be damaging,” Brown explained. “We have the technology and experience and can treat any skin type.”

Although laser and electrolysis are safe procedures, Brown said, one should always seek out an expert for treatment. “It’s safe as long as you go to someone who knows what they’re doing,” she said.

At Brown’s clinic, every client is asked to come in for a free consultation before setting up appointments for treatment. This allows Brown to make sure that the person is treated in exactly the appropriate way. For instance, if a person has particularly sensitive skin, or takes certain kinds of prescribed medication, it’s important for Brown and her technicians to know this in advance.

It goes without saying that Brown’s clients have been pleased with their treatments ­ so much so that they often return for treatment on new areas. Take Kim Carter, a return client who had laser on her chin and returned for treatment on her underarms “I would give up food for her services,” Carter said. “I would have a full mustache if it weren’t for her. I never have to shave my underarms anymore. It really does make you feel prettier.”

After the initial consultation, treatment takes place with very little hassle. In general it takes four to six treatments on most body areas. Treatments are six to eight weeks apart depending on the body area. Some people will require a clean up treatment once a year and some people will not, depending on the individual, Brown explained. She said it takes only about three minutes to treat a lip, five minutes to treat each underarm, and a bikini line takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

The Advanced Electrolysis and Laser Clinic is located at 803 North Main Street, Suite A, in High Point. The new office will be located in Irving Park Shops on the corner of Battleground Avenue and Cornwallis Drive. For more information or to set up an appointment for a free consultation, call 841-4025.